Friday, 6 January 2012

Janathon day 6: Practice what I preach.

This morning I had no fuel in the tank. All I wanted to do was stay in bed but I had to do my run as I have plans tonight. Time was ticking and I still laid in bed looking at twitter. @sarahs_scribble had been out and done nearly six miles! In my post two days I go I harped on about just doing it so inspired by Sarah I pulled my kit on and off I went.
I know how important it is to eat and drink before a run but it was the breakfast or the run today and the run had to win. Beating times wasn’t an option, I just wanted to tick the run off the list. My run was short as is my post. I did 3.5k and despite the cold weather I really enjoyed it and left for work with a spring in my step. #Janathon day 6 complete. It was a short run but it was a run all the same!
Things I re-learnt after today’s run:
·         Staying in bed and repeatedly pressing snooze helps nobody. It makes you more tired and means you just have less time to fit everything in
·         Fuel is important before a run. I know this and I know how much better I am when I respect and look after my body. It’s not rocket science!
·         I actually really like running in the morning when I finally move my butt and get out there


  1. well done for getting out there, early mornings work for me too.

  2. I went for a run today too - best hangover cure ever! What are your favourite tunes to run to? V x