Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Janathon day 3: A little totter or two

Today was my first day back to work after rather long festive break and I was actually looking forward to it. To start my working week, I planned to do my run this morning so I could head to work with a smug spring in my step but the weather had other plans. All night the wind howled and the rain pounded against the windows. It just wouldn’t have been a good move, so instead of my trainers and running tights I pulled on my dress and heels and headed into the gale.
I got to Clapham junction and the trains were in a mess. Just what everybody wants on their first day back to work! As I arrived on platform two I could see the overground train, doors about to close. Not knowing how long the next one would be and seeing lots of signs for cancelled trains, I had no other option. Heeled up and laden with bags, I tottered along the platform and leaped on just in time. I started a new job the week before Christmas and I’d decided to go to work a new way today. I’m not familiar with this particular route so as I stepped on I looked back at the screen to make sure I’d stepped on the right one. I looked up to be greeted by a blank screen with no information. I just wasn’t sure so I stepped off to ask the member of staff standing on the platform. By the time he had bothered to acknowledge me to tell me it was the right train, it was long gone. Very helpful!
The next train was due on platform 17 in three minutes so yet again I only had one option. I tottered up the stairs and along the bridge to the furthest platform away. It was not a pretty sight and after yesterday’s run my legs and feet absolutely hated me running in heels. I charged along, huffing and puffing with all of my bags. I lost a lot of my running cred but I made it just in time. Well, just in time to see my train pull in on platform 16. I tottered up the bridge again and leaped on the train as the doors were about to close. I hate feeling hot and bothered and running in clothes and shoes that are clearly not designed to be run in. I’m not sure how long I ran for but I felt more uncomfortable than after yesterday’s run and I certainly didn’t enjoy it. I’m sure I could have got away with logging my tottering as my effort for Janathon day 3 but I want to do my best.
When I got home this evening I got dressed into my kit and ran my regular short route.  I thought it was just under 4.5k but I found out through my endomondo app that it is actually just shy of 5k, so I’ve been selling myself short for a whole year! I ran the whole route without stopping and I’m pleased I decided to go out for a run tonight.  Just like yesterday’s run, I struggled between 2.6k and 3.1k. I’m not sure why but between these two distances, I would very happily throw the towel in and go home. I’m pleased to say I didn't, it’s Janathon day three and I’m still very much in.  

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