Friday, 13 January 2012

Janathon day 13: Better late than never

Last night’s post was written after dinner, cocktails and wine. Not the best prep for writing a blog post or for a 5k morning run. When the alarm went off this morning I peered out the window to see frost glistening from the rooftops of the cars. I snuggled back under the duvet for 40 minutes.
I know that had I have run this morning, it would not have been a good experience. I felt weary and dehydrated. Instead I went out after work. I ran my usual 5k route and it felt good. I am planning to do the Richmond Park parkrun tomorrow so I decided to take it easy tonight. As I was running I didn’t pay attention to the time until my last kilometre. I thought I was way behind schedule and I didn’t really mind, I just wanted to finish. I was pleasantly surprised that after a pretty easy going run, I was on track for one of my better times and I completed Janathon day 13 in the second fastest time that I’ve run so far.  
I can feel myself getting fitter and that makes me happy but I need to start facing my fears head on. My two biggest fears that I need to conquer are track and hills. Being scared is not a bad thing. Challenging yourself is scary but it feels so good when you smash through your goal. I saw an advert this week for a Canadian clothing brand and it featured a slogan saying “Do something every week that scares you.” I think it is a great piece of advice and I am going to start incorporating it into my world.
I really need to get accustomed to the track to improve my time but if I’m being honest I just don’t know where to start. I imagine the track to be a place where actual runners hang out talking in athlete tongues. I want to get better but I don’t want to feel stupid and out of place. I know that to be the best I can be, I need to make track be a part of my training. Two lovely ladies (Thank you @Bangsandabun & @Runurb)  have kindly volunteered to show me the ropes and I have accepted their offer of help, so I will be close to barfing at a track in London sometime soon.  

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