Monday, 2 January 2012

Janathon day 2: Rekindling the love affair

Every relationship needs work and it’s time for me to reignite the spark back into this one. When I really get in the running zone I absolutely love it but I can fall out of love with it just as easily. Today’s run was about falling back in love with running and it is the perfect day for it. Blue skies, bright sunshine and a gentle nip in the air, just the way I like it.
I headed out as my boyfriend called out whilst still snuggled up in bed, “Go on babe, you can do it!” For once I wasn’t jealous to leave him in the warm and cosy duvet.  I was excited to get out in the fresh air. I didn’t plan my route but instead I just ran wherever I felt like running. I took my phone to keep track of my route. I’m using an app called Endomondo which so far I’m quite impressed with. It keeps track of your route and logs your data. I love a bit of technology but when it comes to my running I’ve been pretty old school and have stuck to mapmyrun. I thought it was time to upgrade, especially if improving my time is one of my goals this year. I need to be on top of what I am achieving and have a clear understanding of where I need to up my game. However, I decided that today wasn’t about stressing myself out with time; it was about learning to love running again.
 If I’m going to achieve sub two hours in Berlin I need to learn to love hills and running tracks too so I made sure there were a couple of upwards sections on my run. I was struggling uphill at about 3k and stopped for a little drink break. I could have happily stopped and headed back home at that point but I ploughed on through and I knew it would be worth it. I ran past the hospital that I was born in 30 years ago and thought it was quite a fitting landmark to signal the start of my happy 30’s challenge.
I made sure that I ran past some of my favourite spots to remind me what it is that I love. I ran round Barnes pond and through Barnes Common, then on to Richmond Park. If you haven’t visited Richmond Park, you need to go. I am really lucky to live so close and on days like today it is just out of this world. You wouldn’t believe that you are in London when you wander through the beautiful grounds and see the amazing wildlife. On days like today it glistens and the contrast of colours in the park against the bright blue sky is fantastic.
I love the freedom that running gives you. The first couple of kilometres are always tough but after about half an hour I get that little goose bumpy rush and I start to enjoy myself. Today was no different. I love the feeling of the wind through your hair and it’s great to just make it up as you go along sometimes and not be so regimented. Sometimes you need to be more exact and precise to stick to a training plan but today wasn’t one of those days. It’s really liberating to just get out and run wherever you want your feet to take you and nothing beats the sense of achievement when you get home. I know it’s less than other people will run today but I’m pleased with my 10.6km on day 2 of Janathon and I think I can feel the flutter of butterflies in my tummy returning.


  1. Great post, so true that running can be like a relationship and sometimes that means you need to "rekindle" the love. For me that might mean running a favourite route or registering for a race where I know the views are particularly impressive. Some of the Kent Coastal races are particularly scenic, although sometimes I think it would be nice to be walking rather then running!

  2. Well done - I haven't been able to run at all today !

  3. I really need to find out how to run to Richmond Park from Wimbledon, it sounds like a great place to run.

  4. Mrs B- the best way would probably be to head to Roehampton then down Roehampton lane, turn left at Clarence lane just before Queen Mary's Hospital and Roehampton Uni and then left again into the park at Roehampton gate. There are several car parks in Richmond park. It really is a great place to run.