Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Janathon day 17: Run Dem Crew is back!

Tonight was the return of Run Dem Crew and damn it was good. Yesterday was my first non-running day in January and I opted for swimming instead of a run. Believe it or not, I haven’t really ached much since starting the running regime on 1st January but today my butt cheeks were seriously sore. I think my body took the ‘running rest’ as an opportunity to relax and make me hurt.
If I was running at home I may have re-considered whether I was even going to run tonight but there was no chance on earth that I was missing RDC. The buzz and excitement in the room was incredible. It was like going back to school but with far more excitement and enthusiasm than I’ve ever experienced towards school (and I was a geek that liked school)!
Charlie Dark was inspirational and funny as always and I met some great people brimming with positive vibes. I saw old friends as well as new and it felt good to be back. An 8.5km bridges run and it was the perfect night for a river run. Cold but calm and peaceful. I just wish I’d taken some pictures of Tower Bridge as it looked absolutely spectacular glowing over the river.
I left RDC with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and I’m so glad it’s back. Every time I go, my faith in humanity is restored. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but there are some seriously good people there. I only ever leave feeling positive and excited about life. I turned 30 on Christmas day and I talked about being the best I can be and Charlie talked about this tonight. I don't want to restrict this to my running but to everything that I do.
I have arranged to go to track next week with a couple of the RDC girls. If I'm going to get a sub two time in Berlin, I need to start 'proper' running training.  I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely terrified but I need to start facing my demons! On a positive note, I'm pleased that my running mojo has returned and I’m loving it. Janathon day 17, I can safely say that you are well and truly ticked off the list, despite some mightily sore buttocks. If you see a blonde girl hobbling tomorrow morning, on the train to Clapham, then please be nice to her and maybe even offer her your seat. I'm sure she would be forever grateful.

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