Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Janathon day 11: What a difference a year makes!

I had my cousin over for dinner tonight so planned to do my run this morning to get it ticked off the list. I was a bit nervous about it before I went to bed but I woke up and was raring to go, given an extra boost by emails from @Bangsandabun and @rundemcrew.
When I ran out of the door, the moon was glowing in the sky.  It was relatively mild considering it is January. The further along my 5k route I ran, the lighter it became and there was an absolutely breathtaking sunrise. The sky was glowing shades of red, pink and orange and I was so pleased I’d actually got up and out.  I really enjoyed my run today and it didn’t feel like a chore.
Since I started running again on 1st January I have been quite tired but today when I woke up I had loads of energy and I was excited about getting out. It can take a little while for your body to adjust but I love it when you start noticing a change in energy levels. I felt energised and ready for the day and so grateful that I hadn’t stayed in bed to miss what was going on in the sky outside. It’s great to appreciate what is around you all the time.
This time last year I was training for Paris and the weather was so different. In fact, it was absolutely freezing. I had to wrap up in woolly hat and gloves to even consider heading outside but today a friend of mine was enjoying breakfast al fresco in the sunshine. Some days it was so difficult to push myself to go but I knew that there were 19 other girls working just as hard as me and I didn’t want let them down as well as myself, so out on to the icy pavements I stepped.
This January, there is no ice in sight. Yes, it has been cold some days and rainy too but nowhere near as bad as last year. Fingers crossed it stays like this for the next 20 days. So far this week I’ve run 26.5k. I am going to aim to run 5k each day and I am going to take part in Park run on Saturday. Now I’ve blogged it, I have to do it!

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