Monday, 16 January 2012

Janathon day 16: Exchanging running for swimming

After a 15k run yesterday I had a bit of a niggle in my foot and knee (old injuries). I really wanted to run every day throughout Janathon but I decided my longer term goals are more important. For the first time in a couple of weeks I didn’t run today but I’m still in the game as I exchanged my run for a swim.
On the eve of the return to Run Dem Crew, I decided that a swim was a much more sensible option. Tomorrow’s run will be longer than my regular daily run and I want to be fit and ready for it. I swam 20 lengths tonight (500m) and it got me thinking about the triathlon that I’ve signed myself up for in June. I can swim but I’m not technically very good and ahead of my first triathlon I am going to have to take the scary leap to swimming lessons. I’m terrified! If anybody has any triathlon tips I would absolutely love to hear from you.
After my run, I also enjoyed a steam room session and a Jacuzzi which felt great. I have to say that after 15 days of running, my legs feel surprisingly good and I am super excited about running with my friends tomorrow night. Away away away!

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  1. well done, and good luck and with the Triathlon. I'm thinking of doing one myself, but as I've only been runnign 6 months, and not a great swimmer either I'm gonna give it a couple of years, and do one for my 40th.
    Keep this upto date with your training and tips and I'll keep reading