Monday, 23 January 2012

Janathon day 22 & 23: A little bit of of pug love

After an exercise filled month, my home was feeling a little neglected, so although I did my run yesterday, I just didn’t have time to blog. Yesterday the running gods were looking over us once more. I can’t get over how good the weather had been in comparison to this time last year. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of my long runs so far. Yes, it’s been cold but the sun has been shining and yesterday was no exception.  
I was aiming to run 13km yesterday and as it was such a lovely day I thought I’d do a figure of eight river run. I started at Barnes Bridge and ran along the Southbank towards Hammersmith. I then crossed the bridge and ran along the other side of the river up past Fulham Football Club and on to Putney Bridge. I crossed the river once more, past the many rowing clubs back to Hammersmith and then back across once again for the final leg past Dukes Meadows towards Barnes Bridge. You can tell it’s marathon training season as there were so many people running on the towpath.

Eastenders style running route

The highlight of my run was seeing two gorgeous pugs as I ran past Hammersmith Bridge. When I came round the corner to be greeted by their squidgy little faces a couple of kilometres into my run, I was instantly cheered up and I knew I was going to have a good run. As I ran I called out “thank you for cheering me up” to the ladies that were walking the dogs. I continued running but was annoyed that I didn’t take a photo.
A pair of uggs and a couple of pugs

I couldn’t believe my luck when I was running from Putney Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge. In the distance two familiar squidgy faces came into sight. It was like a mirage. I wasn’t letting them out of my grasp this time round and I confess, I did stop my run for a little stroke of the cheeky pugs and to take a picture. But look, how could I resist? I went on to complete my 13km with a beaming smile. It’s funny how things just crop up to keep you going.
Today I was not really in the mood for running. I ate a couple of crisp breads before pulling on my kit and heading out of the door. Within a minute or two, I realised that I was actually feeling pretty strong. I went on to complete my regular 5km route in the fastest time so far and when I arrived home I was feeling fantastic. Definitely a good start to the week and tomorrow is Run Dem Crew. Janathon day 24, I’m looking forward to meeting you. Last year you very nearly broke me but this time I am not about to be struck by flu and I will not cry! In fact, I know I am going to have a big smile on my face.

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