Monday, 17 January 2011

This is getting tough.

I am not going to lie to you, for the first time tonight I really did not want to go out for my run. I had a busy day at work with no chance for lunch and I was starving when I got in. As I found out last weekend, running after eating a meal is definitely not good. I just couldn’t do it without though so I rammed a sandwich down my throat. I then had to deal with my seriously muddy trainers souvenir from the Tamsin Trail.  
I really, really didn’t want to go and Jon had to almost kick me out of the door. Just to make it worse, I put my I-pod on and I was greeted with a battery that was as dead as a dodo. Even more reason not to go. It seems everybody is finding it tough right now. I am on Janathon day 17 and it is my 19th day of exercise. Yesterday’s run resulted in my sole starting to blister but at least my toe nails are still intact unlike some of the other Team Bangs girls.
 I could have quite easily wandered back in to my warm & cosy home to be greeted by my new book on my Kindle.  I thought about how hard the Team Bangs ladies have been working and I also thought about all of the kind people that have been supporting us in many different ways. Off I went into the rain.
 I needed to visit my Mum so I killed two birds with one stone and saved a bit of time and petrol by running there. It’s shorter than my normal route at only 3.15k but today was my recovery run so I will cut myself a little slack and it’s better than lazing on my sofa. To make up for only doing a short run tonight I then did some hoola followed by some action on my rug. You know the drill by now; planks, sit-ups, press-ups etc. I have boxercise again tomorrow and I’m a little nervous about just how sore I am going to be if last week was anything to go by so I didn’t want to push it tonight.
I have Friday off work this week and will be getting my hair done to sort my serious root situation out. My hair is shocking at the moment and it is a long time since I have let it get this bad.  I am then going off for a pampering massage with two of my best girls. I cannot wait! The massage will most definitely be welcome but what I really need right now is a good sports massage. I am going to dedicate one of my posts later this week to sports massage and the benefits. As a sports massage therapist, I have seen first-hand just how beneficial it can be and if I can help just one person it will be a worthwhile post. 
I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the kind words of support and encouragement as well as the donations that have been made. It really does help to motiavte us so thank you.  

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  1. Two words for you: YOU ROCK! What an awesome effort :-) x