Friday, 14 January 2011

How Friday's change.

What a week! I’ve worked hard and trained hard and was looking forward to a quiet night in with my sofa tonight… once I’d been to the gym. How times change! Friday was always the night that I would start with a few cheeky vinos at work and then continue on through the night but not at the moment, this lady is in training for the Paris Half Marathon. She is also on day 14 of Janathon and is feeling a little bit tender.
 Tomorrow is Park run day and I really want to go, especially as my leg stopped me running last weekend. I headed to the gym tonight with the intention of a gentle run and a wallowing session in the pool and sauna. My plans were scuppered when I realised that my freshly washed costume was still resting on the radiator. Up to the gym I went while Jon went to chill out in the Jacuzzi and yes I was green with envy.
I was really stroppy when I realised there was going to be no pampering reward for me tonight but I actually had a really great session and enjoyed myself. I didn’t want to run too far so instead I upped the pace and ran 3.5k in less than 20 minutes which for me is an achievement. I know it’s not fast in comparison to other runners but it’s all about me pushing myself and push myself I did.  My leg is still niggling me though and a sports massage is definitely in need.
I then went on to do a whole range of things that hurt a lot and made me pull really ugly faces; 50 press-ups, loads of sit-ups, planks, lunges, squats and various moves with free weights, all of which made me shake violently by the end. I could really feel that I have started to improve tonight and that makes me feel good. I’m crossing my fingers that my leg will hold out tomorrow now so that I can smash my Park Run time.  Just a short post tonight as I really need a rest but I promise that I will put lots of time and effort into tomorrow’s post and I will even write it before 10pm.


  1. Great stuff! Well done getting to the end of two weeks, and I hope you get your 1,000th view soon!
    Jules (@2011 miles)

  2. Keep going! Scraggy pidge in signing in every night to follow your progress :) xxx