Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I feel like I am getting somewhere!

I had boxercise tonight and I was feeling sick with nerves beforehand. Last week I was hurting for days.  I had to rush from work to get there and of course the tubes were delayed because I was running late. I ran to my door, stripped my work clothes off and gym clothes on before running out of the door again. I got to the class in the nick time.
This week the class whizzed by and don’t get me wrong, it was tough but I found it a little easier than I did last week meaning I must actually be getting fitter. Hooray! I’m not going to speak too soon though as I will probably be hurting tomorrow and my arms are still shaking right now.
Today is Janathon day 18 and I still haven’t cracked. Another reason for me to smile! I can’t quite believe I am on my 20th day of exercise. I didn’t honestly think I had it in me.  I had a bit of a grumpy blip yesterday but I feel more determined than ever today. I have a long way to go but I will keep on until I get there. I don’t want to be the slowest chick in Paris and I want to have time to go shopping, drink wine and eat delicious treats from a patisserie. I guess I’d better keep on going. Short post tonight, as I want to catch up with My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

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