Wednesday, 12 January 2011

13...unlucky for some.

This is my 13th blog post and it’s been a number 13 kind of day where everything that could have gone wrong has. I left my house at just after 7:00 this morning with sore arms and legs from last night’s boxing and I came hobbling home at just before 9:00 after a long day at work and delays on the tube. It was the third day in a row that the email system was not working properly at work. Do you know just how annoying it is when you can’t access your email folders? Let me tell you, it is a massive pain and slows you down hugely. In all honesty a run was the last thing on my wish list tonight but a run was on my schedule so it was a run I had to do.
My boyfriend is really sporty but he hates running. I guess the effect of me running out the door has rubbed off though as I even managed to drag him along tonight. He ran with me on my regular weekday loop which is 4.75km and it was lovely to have some company but funny to have no music to run to. I was really stiff when I started and could barely lift my arms to put my sports bra on but I pushed on through and managed my 5k. Despite this niggle in my calf that just won’t go away I am actually feeling pretty good on Janathon day 12. However, speaking as a sports massage therapist I think it’s about time I sorted out a sports massage for myself before I do myself some damage.It really is a great way to keep your body in good condition and help to prevent injuries. That’s my post for tonight because my dinner is getting cold.   

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