Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Irony

I have done more exercise this week than I have done in a long while. I have even been documenting it for Janathon so you all know exactly what I have been up to yet today I received two messages reminding me just how slack I have been of late. How very charming!
Whilst bounding down the stairs and leaving the office I had a little check on my I-Phone to see what I had missed.  I was greeted with a message from Betty at Roko. Betty is concerned about me as she hasn’t seen me at the gym for a while and she wanted to check I was ok. Betty and I have never met but it’s nice that she seems to care about me.
As you all know, I haven’t been to the gym in the last few weeks as I hurt my back and needed to rest until I was fully recovered but I still got a huge pang of guilt when I read the email. The only thing that made me feel good was that I had reported in last night via my blog to say I would be hitting the gym today. When I replied to Betty I smugly told her that I was in fact on my way home and then I would be going straight to the gym. I hope I don’t turn into some kind of stat in a report as one of the people that returned to the gym as a result of her email. Joking aside, it’s nice that Betty from Roko cares. I have been a member at many different gym chains in my time and I can honestly say nobody else has checked that I am ok when they haven’t seen me for a month and unfortunately there have been several  months that I haven’t been near the gym.

When I got to the gym I clocked in at the little machine with my personalised pin number so that my workout could be logged. I was greeted by another message but this time from my trainer Guy. Guy and I have met but only the once when I first joined the gym in November and he put my programme together. He had messaged me to let me know that I hadn’t achieved my target of three cardio sessions per week. Massive fail and another pang of guilt for Miss Smith. I just don’t do failing so just as well I had my gym gear on and was ready to hammer the treadmill for a serious cardio sesh.
I love my new Adidas running leggings that my girlie friends bought me for my birthday but I forgot that they are ‘climawarm’ built specifically for winter. They are great when I am running outside but please note, they are not so great inside on a treadmill. I have never ‘glowed’ so much in my life. I didn’t know I could look so disgusting. I am not one of those girls that bounds out of the gym looking fresh and beautiful. When I work out hard I look like I have been working out hard! The fact I looked so rough must show just how hard I had been trying. I ran 6k, swam 20 lengths (which disappointingly is only 400m) and did another 50 sit ups. Another point to note: Sit ups and planks are really not a good idea when you have an annoying tickly cough like mine that persists throughout the day and at bedtime too. However, there is a little pleasure in the pain when I cough, as it reminds me of the effort I am putting in.  In the words of Gordon Ramsay, Janathon day 5- done.


  1. Slacking indeed! How rude! Excellent work tonight Karleen! x

  2. I look awful when I come out of the gym too... well, there's no point in going if you don't even break a sweat! As you say, it shows you've been trying :)

  3. I too have made the mistake of wearing my Saucony winter running tights on a treadmill...eugh!

  4. Well gym guilt or no, looks to me like you're doing pretty well.

    And I always look a wreck when I finish exercising - hyper-red face in particular.