Sunday, 2 January 2011

The dreaded long run

According to my training schedule the next eight Sundays are all booked in for ‘long runs’. Sounds rather appetising don’t you think? I was nervous about the long run today. I want to train hard but as a sports massage therapist  I know the biggest mistake that most beginner runners make is doing too much too soon. The training schedule said 6 miles. Yuk!
I have to say, when I got up this morning my legs were not happy and they were certainly not up for the 4th run in as many days. A little part of me could have quite happily exchanged my run for a little swim at the gym just to make sure I was abiding by the Janathon rules. Admittedly, the mini swim would have been the wimp’s way out but it would still have been exercise. However, I got two lovely tweets which made my day and gave me the extra push to knuckle down.
The first tweet was from the lovely Sam flowers (@companybeauty) saying ‘Just been for a run thanks to @karleensmith woo hoo! 2011 is the year I get fit!’ and the second was from @LissyBea ‘@karleensmith just found your blog thru this tweet & saw about  Janathon-signing up now, thanks-needed something to get me motivated again!’. What a boost! It was just what I needed to encourage me to pull my running shoes on so thank you ladies.  
Looking delightfully attractive in my running tights and sexy running hat (hiding very bad hair), I set off from my Mum’s house in Mortlake and ran towards Chiswick Bridge.  I ran along the Thames towpath, past the Budweiser Brewery and under Barnes Bridge. I continued along the muddy path on to Hammersmith Bridge. I was feeling good and kept running. I crossed the Bridge and still I kept going before heading back towards Barnes on the North side of the river. Still I ran. This was like a Forrest Gump performance for me. I would normally have stopped for a walk break by now but I had come this far and was determined to keep going without a break. It was tough but little things along the way kept me going. Two French bulldogs playing in the park, smiling families out walking on a Sunday afternoon or another old school song on my I-pod that triggered fond memories.
I made it back to my Mum’s without a break and ran 5.9 miles (9.5k). I did resemble a sweaty beetroot but I was a very proud beetroot. I’m sure things can only get better from now, apart from the severe muscle soreness that I am pretty sure I am going to experience tomorrow. I think the wimp swim and jacuzzi may have to be called upon.


  1. Awesome work Karleen! But...8 days of long runs?! *faints* Go girly! x

  2. Well done Karleen, it's a great feeling when you do better than you thought you could! Hopefully it'll motivate you for your next one too. You deserve that jacuzzi session tomorrow!

  3. Well done :-) and good luck with the rest of your long runs and janathon.

  4. Woo, well done. I am very familiar with the ever popular "sweaty beetroot" look.

  5. Thanks for your comments. It really has helped motivate me when I'm finding it hard. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and making such kind comments.
    K x